Engraving – laser for steel -YAG – and CO2 laser

Engraving is a impressively durable and precise labeling technique. May be applied to metal, wood, leather, as well as painted metal, plastic, glass, etc. Engraved color depends on the type of material engraved item is made of. Promotional items may be marked with use of CO2 and YAG lasers.
Matrix is preparation is based on the traditional graphic files .cdr, .eps, .ai.
Engraving always increases prestige of the marked item. It is an elegant and timeless form of labeling, especially for difficult and hard surfaces.

Laser for metals and non-metals – complete system of marking provides clean and permanently labeled logos on all surfaces – metal, acrylic, cork, fabric, foam, glass, leather, marble, matte, nylon, painted metal, fabric, dyed laminates, anodized aluminum and anodized metal, bamboo, cardboard, ceramics, composites, paper, plastic, polyester, rubber, silicone, tiles, wood, stone, etc.