Hot-stamping is used for decorating items like calendars, wallets, purses. Similar effects to hot-stamping is obtained by applying a cold-stamping. The matrix is heated to approx. 100 ° C. When hot matrix gets in touch with polyester film the adhesive layer is getting heated. The adhesive becomes active at the matrix edges and an appropriate portion of the layer of lacquer and a layer of aluminum remains on the printed surface. Hot-stamping is also called an thermo print, hot-print, gilding, silvering and it is a printing technique that uses special foil and convex arrays made of a thermally conductive material. It is all about to cover certain selected parts of the substrate with metal film or a pigment film, which has a layer of hot melt adhesive. Plasticizing the adhesive is carried out using a convex matrix with particular shape/pattern. With use of a strong pressure and heat image is transferred to the substrate by adheres to it the layer of the film in exact the same shape as the matrix has.