Sublimation transfer printing is a kind of high-quality printing white polyester substrates such as woven, knitted fabrics, ceramics, furniture boards and even tinware. During this process an ink containing subliminal dyes is first transferred onto the special paper, and then reproduced on a polyester substrate using the flat or roller heat presses. Sublimation printing allows you to print out absolutely any pattern. It is characterized by high precision and sharp contours. Sublimation prints are extremely durable!  This technique also does not require any additional treatment such as washing or drying, the process is completely ecological.

Advertising Lanyards.

Advertising lanyards have strong practical use as an identification elements for companies and individuals wanting to stand out from or be a part of the crowd. Those versatile products are unisex and dedicated for all groups of age. There is a wide range of options in our lanyard offer.We took care of durable clasp added to the high quality fabrics, the length of which is sufficient to implement any sublimation printed inscription. Sublimation lets us to print all colors and shapes in very high quality.Lanyards can be used with many small objects like mobile phones, identifiers, keys, and even pens and other small gadgets.This product extremely popular among fairs and other mass events organizators. Our lanyards are high quality brand carriers and marketing gift for a decent price.