Tampo/Pad printing is characterized by durability and high versatility. This marking technique can be applied to a wide range of materials – several kinds of plastics, metals, wood, etc. Our machines let us to print 1 to 4 colors. We are able to perform simple one-color printing as well as pictures of CMYK on such an objects as: water bottles, metal and plastic key rings, CDs accessories, ceramic cups, mugs, metal pens, plastic pens, green products, calculators, cases, accessories for mobile devices, office clips, computer accessories, toilet bags, crayons, kitchen accessories, flashlights and lamps, binoculars, mirrors, mascot, medical accessories, MP3 / MP4 players, thermoses, electronics, thermal insulation cups, multifunction tools, wooden pencils, mouse pads, desk containers, photo frames, automobile accessories, knives, candles, incense sticks, USB memory, laser pointers, toys – Games, Toys – Antistress, lighters, clocks, weather stations, wine sets, manicure sets and others.